The Dawan Yemen Sidr Honey

From the valleys of Yemen, the land of civilization, nobility, and the country of honey from centuries ago, it provides a summary of its natural products … It is the blond honey extracted from Sidr and Thistle trees, which has not been subjected to any heat treatments or other to ensure the preservation of its natural properties.


🔆 Removes acidity

🔆 It strengthens memory

🔆 Helps to grow pregnant women

🔆 To stimulate memory and sexual tonic

🔆 Helps growth, good for chest and stomach

🔆 To strengthen the bones

🔆 For anemia

🔆 It strengthens the nerves


Sidr honey is the honey that bees produce by feeding on the nectar of the Sidr trees known as the buckthorn, and it was mentioned in the Holy Quran, which is one of the perennial trees. Sidr honey is one of the finest types of honey and is preferred by herbalists since ancient times in the work of therapeutic mixtures or fortifiers for the speed of its results compared with other types of honey, and Sidr honey comes in multiple types, each with its advantages and specifications, all of which have captured the interest of researchers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who have conducted several Experiments on samples of honey from all over the world (available in the Saudi market), and they found that Sidr honey contains a high percentage of minerals.

Sidr honey is distinguished by its light golden color, but it darkens and tends to redness over time and smells of Sidr, especially when it is new and fresh, reminding you of the same sweet and aromatic smell that smells from Sidr trees (buckthorn) in October, when the season of Sidr flower. Sidr honey differs from one region to another in taste, color, aroma, and density, and is similar in that it smells good and tastes delicious. Sidr trees are found in Saudi Arabia in the areas close to Yemen where the Kingdom of Sheba is “the home of Sidr according to the evidence of Quranic verse No. 16 of Surat Saba” and something from a few sidr. Each valley of the valleys of Yemen has tales and stories with Sidr and honey, and each of its types is characterized by certain quality specifications and prices that may be fictional at times. Among the most famous areas of Yemen that produce Sidr honey are Doan in Hadramout, and Jardan and Bayhan in Shabwa governorate, and the reason for the distinction is that the Sidr season does not contain any other flowers.

Yemen Sidr Honey: Unparalleled Quality and Exquisite Flavor

Yemen Sidr Honey stands out from other types of Sidr honey due to several factors that contribute to its superior quality and desirability:

Authenticity: Yemen Sidr Honey is sourced directly from Yemen, where the Sidr trees naturally grow. It is considered the original and authentic Sidr honey, ensuring its true origin and distinct properties.

Terroir: The unique climate, soil, and floral sources in Yemen contribute to the exceptional flavor profile of Sidr honey from this region. The specific combination of factors creates a rich, aromatic, and exquisite taste that sets Yemen Sidr Honey apart.

Traditional Harvesting Methods: Yemen Sidr Honey is often harvested using traditional methods passed down through generations. This meticulous process involves skilled beekeepers collecting honey from remote and pristine areas, ensuring the purity and integrity of the honey.

Medicinal Properties: The Sidr trees in Yemen have a long-standing reputation for their medicinal properties. Yemen Sidr Honey is believed to possess potent antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and immune-boosting benefits, making it highly sought after for its potential health advantages.

Rarity and Limited Supply: Yemen Sidr Honey is produced in limited quantities, primarily due to the challenging terrain and the scarcity of Sidr trees. This rarity adds to its exclusivity and makes it a prized and valuable honey variety.

These factors contribute to the perception that Yemen Sidr Honey is of higher quality and more desirable compared to other Sidr honeys. Its distinct taste, medicinal potential, and limited availability make it a luxurious and sought-after honey choice for connoisseurs worldwide

Thijaara: Your Trusted Source for Authentic Yemen Sidr Honey.

1.Unparalleled Yemen Expertise:

At Thijaara, we have a dedicated and knowledgeable team with a deep understanding of Yemen Sidr Honey. We have established strong connections in Yemen, allowing us to work directly with reliable beekeepers and ensure the authenticity of our honey.

2.Proven Track Record:

With a successful track record of delivering over 200kg of Yemen Sidr Honey to satisfied customers in Oman, we have built a reputation for providing genuine and high-quality products. Our past experience demonstrates our commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction.

3.Protection Against Cheating:

We understand the concerns surrounding counterfeit or adulterated honey in the market. That’s why we prioritize stringent quality control measures and work closely with trusted sources in Yemen to mitigate any potential cheating risks. We go the extra mile to guarantee that the honey we offer is original and of the finest quality.

4.Belief in Honesty and Integrity:

At Thijaara, honesty and integrity are at the core of our values. We believe in cultivating trust with our customers by providing them with genuine Yemen Sidr Honey that upholds the highest standards of quality and purity. Our commitment to transparency and authenticity is unwavering.

5.Ensuring Originality and Quality:

By sourcing directly from Yemen and maintaining close relationships with beekeepers, we can trace the journey of our honey from hive to bottle. This meticulous process allows us to ensure that every drop of Yemen Sidr Honey we offer is original, pure, and of the highest quality.

6.Your Trusted Partner:

Thijaara is more than just a seller of Yemen Sidr Honey; we aim to be your trusted partner in providing an exceptional honey experience. We take pride in delivering the true essence of Yemen’s finest honey to your doorstep, ensuring you can enjoy its exquisite flavor and potential health benefits with complete confidence.

Choose Thijaara for an unforgettable journey into the world of Yemen Sidr Honey, where trust, authenticity, and unrivaled quality merge harmoniously. Experience the difference that comes from selecting a reputable and reliable source

Abu Asiya

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